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Channels to Master EvonyOnce you love a game, it’s not only about playing it but also about keeping up with all the updates, tricks, tips, and news related to it. The Android gaming world is full of content creators that provide you with all the info you’re looking for, so here you have our favorite ones related to Evony. Make sure you check them out!
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PUBG MobileDo you love PUBG? WE DO! And we have an exclusive free gift for Aptoide users; just follow the steps below using the promotional code in the image to receive your gift!
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PUBG x ArcaneOne of our favorite battle royale games is having a very exciting collaboration these days. It’s not the first one though; we’ve seen appearances of Godzilla and even K-POP stars in PUBG, but this time it’s extra exciting because we’re talking about League of Legends! Are you ready to travel from Erangel to Piltover or Zaun?
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PUBG: Resistance image
PUBG: ResistanceIf there was something missing in our favorite battle royale (and one of the most popular games in the history of Android), it’s aliens. But you don’t need to wait any longer, because the latest update of PUBG has just arrived with a lot of surprises... and aliens are among them! Want to know more about PUBG: Resistance? Just keep reading!
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Android 11 is here! image
Android 11 is here!We know you were probably expecting to see another amazing game here, right? But these entertaining titles need a platform to run: Android! Our favorite operating system has announced what the latest update, Android 11, is going to bring us. Want to know more? Just read below!
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ترقيات لا نهاية لها! image
ترقيات لا نهاية لها!هل أنت جاهز لتصبح اللاعب الأمثل؟ نتمنى أن تكون إجابتك نعم، لأن محفظة AppCoins تعرض لنا حاليًّا ترقيات مذهلة كل أسبوع لنربح رصيد AppCoins. يبدو أن شراء تلك العناصر التي كنا نرغب بشرائها في تطبيقاتنا المفضلة سيكون أسهل من أي وقت مضى!
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Mobile LegendsThe summer might be over, but this also means it’s the 5th Anniversary of Mobile Legends! To celebrate such an important date, we are giving away A LOT of extra bonuses from September 22nd until the 28th.
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