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App of the Week
Angry Birds JourneyWe’re probably on that point on which we can consider this saga a classic. Maybe not at the same level as Mario or Zelda (proper classics), but these cute birds and pigs have been with us for enough time for them to be part of our family. And a big update with a lot of new features is a good reason for it to be our Game of the Week, right? Be ready for Angry Birds Journey!
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App of the Week
A New Social MediaDo you also have the feeling that social media has just become way too fake? The people that I know in real life seem to be completely different people on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok profiles. I’m sure they don’t exercise that much and, clearly, they don’t have avocado toast for breakfast on a daily basis. Our App of the Week is here to change that since it’s designed for everyone to be much more honest than we are used to in the old-school social platforms. Ready to BeReal?
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تطبيق الأسبوع
Bigo Liveإن كنت تفتقد Vine واكتشفت TikTok مؤخرًا، فاستعدّ، لأن التطبيقات التي ستتفاعل معها وتستمتع بفيديوهاتها للأشخاص الموهوبين من حول العالم لا تنتهي هنا! دعنا نرحب بـ Bigo Live، منصة اجتماعية رائعة لتصفح المقاطع ومكالمات الفيديو والذي أصبح تطبيقنا لهذا الأسبوع!
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تطبيق الأسبوع
AliExpressهذه الأيام، يعتبر شراء المنتجات عبر الإنترنت أمرًا عاديًا جدًا والجميع يفعلونه. من صغار السن وحتى كبار السن، من لم يشترِ منتجات تقنية أو أدوات مطبخ حتى الآن؟ الخيارات متنوعة إىل حد كبير، لكن لا توجد تطبيقات كثيرة تعرض العديد من أصناف المنتجات في كتالوجاتها. هذا صحيح، نحن نتحدث عن علي إكسبريس، تطبيقنا لهذا الأسبوع!
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App of the Week
TikTokIt was only a matter of time before TikTok was chosen to be featured as App of the Week. Why? Well... I don't know if you have heard about it, but it's absolutely killing it! Only last December, the app added 75 million new users. The number of installs has multiplied by 25 during the last two years in some parts of the world, and it has been declared the 7th most downloaded mobile app of the decade. Big wow!
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App of the Week
Dark Mode WhatsappWe’ve been waiting for a long time, but the time has arrived: Dark Mode for Whatsapp is here! After Facebook Messenger and Instagram, the owners of the largest social network have decided to give our eyes a rest.
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App of the Week
AppCoins WalletFor all of you that enjoy playing on your Android. For all of you that should be rewarded when giving a chance to a new app. For all of you, dear gamers, who trust developers and spend money in the best games... We’ve got the perfect tool for you!
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App of the Week
Camera 360Over 500 million people globally have appreciated its prowess. There has never been an ultimate off-road camera application, until the invention of Camera360 Ultimate. It comes highly recommended as one of the pioneers in application photography by more than 13 countries. Korea and Japan have especially taken to Camera360 Ultimate well and it’s a favorite of stars in the two countries.
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